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Post a link to the chatbot you are currently working on!

Been working from the belief that bots will have a particularly useful role in helping people take care of themselves and each other.

Partner helps you track what’s important to you, get advice and help others. Part bot, part community, it’s your sidekick in the adventure of life.


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Hello everybody. I’m working on Florence ( Florence is a healthcare chatbot. She can remind your medication, check your symptoms, find a doctor for you or tell you more about a disease. Your feedback is highly appreciated.


Eva finally speaks English!!

Hi guys!

My team and I are working on Yodel ( The phone system for smart voice communication that joins your team chat as a bot. With Yodel, you can collaborate in chat systems like Slack on phone calls. Our chatbot serves as receptionist --> it answers calls, gives you insights about the call(er) and pushes it to you and your applications.

If you get the chance, please try Yodel out (free trial). We are still building our product and heavily rely on constructive feedback with which we can build a better service!

Hey all, we built a bot for our customer where you can search for cars (they are a car sales site) based on mark, model, price, mileage + book car maintenance times.

Hi everyone!
I built a Messenger bot for connecting to your Evernote account. You can create a new note right from Messenger, add photos and audio, a title and tags, and the note will appear in your Evernote account.
One special thing about this bot is its smart search feature: it will search your notes with the Evernote search, but if that doesn’t find what you need, it will use a smart algorithm to guess your note using its tags or title.
For example, if you tag a note with “hot chocolate”, you can then search (right from Messenger) for “marshmallows”, and boom! your Hot Chocolate note pops up. Another example: if you title your note “Appalachian trail”, and you send “find hiking” to the bot - your Appalachian Trail note pops up.
Check it out here: Tags Chatbot

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Will you be adding support for Google Keep soon? I stopped using Evernote for it.

I don’t think Google Keep has an API for third party developers. Sorry!

Dang :frowning: Oh well… Still a neat chatbot though.

Thanks, I appreciate it! Greetings from Jobo;)

Hey everyone. Thanks for the invite to ChatBots News. Really excited to talk with some interesting folks about bots.

I recently built Gymi bot💪🏼. He’s a personal trainer in your pocket. He can suggest the best workouts and even a great meal plan to go along with it. The workouts are high intensity mixed with cross fit as well as various push pull exercises. The workouts were designed by certified personal trainer’s and fitness experts with 10+ years of experience.

So here it is. Let me know what you think

Hey guys,
after seeing a lot of cool chatbots at hackathons I created Rudolf Adventson.

He is built upon a christmas tradition in Germany where you count down the days until christmas eve with small presents every day.
You just send him 24 photos on Facebook, a calendar is created that you can share with your loved ones. They can then add the christmas calendar to their smartphones and find and puzzle one of your 24 photos every day.

I’m looking forward for some feedback, especially regarding the onboarding & “texting experience” :slight_smile:

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Hola - we’ve been working on Instagram Marketing and Business Legal Advice chatbots.

Repost Bot lets you repost other people’s Instagram posts, discover popular hashtags and give credit in under 60 seconds.

Ask Joel provides business legal advice, where you work, when you want it.

Bot Scout is chat bot discovery bot for the Messenger platform. Feel free to add your Facebook bot. The best bots will be promoted to our audience every week. You can include a link or web_url button to Bot Scout to let your users to vote for your bot, like this: with username of your bot instead of Poncho;) Try it out and give me your feedback. Thanx

At Chatbot México, we are working in an image recognition chatbot in Spanish. We’ve decided to develop it as a technology showcase for our prospected clients, in order to show them the following capabilities:

  • Chatbots in Facebook Messenger.
  • Image recognition using Inception-ResNet-v2.

Feel free to try it out at:

Sync Music Bot for Slack is the first and only music delivery bot to offer music that’s specially-tuned to help you work, relax, and exercise better. A quick introductory conversation with the bot will set you up with a daily playlist to prime you for concentrating on your work, and help keep you in the zone — whether you’re reading, writing, coding, or designing.

Hope you’ll check it out, and please feel free to reach out to discuss! You can leave feedback via the bot as well, just DM Sync Music Bot in Slack: feedback [comment]

Feedbacks are always appreciated:

Two I am currently developing further - one using IBM Watson Conversation the other built using Chatfuel.

Santa Bot can answer various questions regarding Christmas such as who are your reindeer? Are you real? etc.

Fit Bot - Is here to help you with your 2017 fitness journey, it can provide motivation, advice to any fitness question or even just find you a 20 minute workout.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Santa Bot -
Fit Bot -

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So many awesome bots! I have a few I’m working on that I will release soon.

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