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Post a link to the chatbot you are currently working on!

(Matt Schlicht) #1

Let’s see everyone’s chatbots! Post a link to what you are working on and explain it in 1-3 sentences.

Personally I’ve been working on Wonk, the Debate Bot, with @Ben and @leif (just as a fun experiment).

(Joe Mayo) #2

I’ve written several practice bots to get my feet wet, but the first bot I wrote in anger was Unit Converter Bot. It was inspired by the appendix of a math book I was reading at the same time I was thinking about what my first non-trivial bot should be. While the bot itself will never be a commercial hit or of interest to many people, it helped me achieve a few goals:

  1. How to write a bot for a limited domain.
  2. Use natural language processing.
  3. Handle the dreaded “I don’t understand” conundrum with a bit more grace than leaving the user alone without an option.

(Artem Efremov) #3

Hi guys, I am happy to introduce the bot that I am currently working on to this great community of botlovers!

Foodbot is a Facebook chatbot which allows restaurants to take food delivery orders from Facebook Messenger. Please check out Foodbot demo here and let me know your thoughts -

(Mike Bailey) #4

We built this bot for Warner Bros. at the beginning of the summer. It was a IRL/Chatbot video booth which was controlled by the bot. Lights Out Movie.

Have a couple other big projects we are working on now for large entertainment brands including another for Warner Bros. in the pipeline though and will post them soon.

(maxi) #6

it is in spanish and delivers food

(Doug Dosberg) #7

Hey there!

I’m currently working on HeyTaco!, a chatbot that helps spread appreciation. It started as a passion project and has since grown to 2000+ teams on Slack. I’ve just recently started pursuing HeyTaco! full-time and am really excited about this space.


(Max Pelzner) #8

I built and launched the [Studiotime Chatbot] ( last week!

My goal was to make it the easiest and fastest way for someone to find and book studio time, right from Messenger.

To read more about it, I just published my story on Medium!

(mnort9) #9

Hey! I’m working on the bot for BotMetrics, a bot & conversation analytics platform :robot:. It lets you query core metrics with natural language, for example “metrics in last 7 days” or “Monday to Wednesday”. It also sends periodic alerts on daily active users, daily new users, message counts, etc.

(Nicolas Urena) #10

Have you thought about using you bot to query metrics coming from a company ERP or CRM data. I think it would be a huge opportunity to let CEOs, CFOs, …, be able to just ask a bot for past data or forecast and receive it right away :wink:
Slack would be an interesting plateform to deploy this kind of bot.

(Deven Bhooshan) #11

I am working on Vegforsure bot (Grocery delivery bot for a small city in India)
This is my attempt to prove that ChatBots will help small businesses a lot.
I talked about the bot here also Topic: ChatBots to scale small businesses

(Siddharth Shekhawat) #12

Hey everyone, I am the founder of Engazify Bot, a fun & easy way to appreciate your peers without ever leaving Slack. It basically lets you appreciate your peers with your favorite emojis & praise words while keeping a score of everything through a fun leaderboard.

I think giving feedback and showing appreciation for your colleague’s hard work should not be a complicated task involving excel sheets, emails, bulky tools. We wanted to make it as simple as texting a friend of yours. And that is why we created this bot on top of Slack and we have been getting some tremendous response lately. User engagement is off the roof.

Do give it a try if you get a chance. We are coming soon on other collaboration platforms as well. Fingers Crossed :v:

(Matt Schlicht) #13

How many bots are you tracking right now? I imagine a lot :slight_smile:

(mnort9) #14

At the moment I’m focused on metrics for bots specifically, but I do think there is a lot opportunity for business intelligence bots.

(mnort9) #15

A few hundred bots have integrated and tracked over 40 million messages :blush:

(Matt Schlicht) #16

So awesome :slight_smile:

(mnort9) #17

It is! A huge thanks for the community you’ve started! I’ve met a lot of awesome people :raised_hands:

(keith1) #18

Abe: free financial wellness bot for startups.

Available in the Slack App Store:

(fred.tanada) #19

We built a chatbot that performs due diligence on stocks and sends out news about technology companies

(Leo Kangin, Founder of PennyCat) #20


You just tell PennyCat where you need a discount and it will get it for you in a second :innocent:

Works for :hamburger::pizza::airplane::taxi::watch::computer::high_heel: around the globe :slight_smile:

(ismail.demirhan07) #21

Hello Everyone
I made a chatbot for finding rentals easily