Platforms for managing a bot after created


Of you build a bot from scratch what dashboard do you gibe to the client to manage it? Any recommendations?

“do you gibe”

What do you mean? When building a our bots from scratch we use a VPS to host our bots. If you are wondering what particular service we use Digital Ocean.

I mean after that you give to the client the bot. How does he manages the bot? Like sending campaigns and other things.

If you build a bot from scratch, that’s currently not possible. I believe Chatbottle is currently working on a segmentation feature that might help with some of the stuff. But still: If you build it from scratch, you also need to build the interface for the customer from scratch

Yeah, the main idea is that I am building a bot for a celebrity and I don’t have what dashboard to give to her. Something where she can see analysis and also can schedule messages to the subscribers. So, I am looking for a solution or to know of os a need for more developers out there.

If you are building the bot from scratch there are no solutions you can hook into yet, you’d have to build all that out yourself and give that person access.

If you are building the bot using one of the many solutions like chatfuel and others then I would imagine they would supply you with that sort of data.

Great. Then I will build a solutiom that can be used not only by me but people that are in the same position as me. is something but no one stays only on the managing, so they moved to building bots too.

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This is a really interesting topic … just wondering @flavius.a.pop - were you saying you are going to build a platform that other people can hook into and use?

Bonobo is a platform that can help with this specific need - please PM me for an invite, I would love to hear your feedback