Number of messages received by a Facebook page

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is somewhere in Facebook where I can find the number of messages received by my bot (ie the messages received by my Facebook page).

In the “message” section of the statistics I can only see the number of conversations but when I receive a Facebook notification when someone is talking to the bot, Facebook gives me the number of messages received. So Facebook must have the metric somewhere. Where can I find it?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


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Likewise! I want to see total messages too

might be easier to hook up dashbot ( which gives you all the analytics you’re probably looking for :grin:

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Hi @brian,

I know and different analytics solutions but it doesn’t work with bots built on platforms like chatfuel (correct me if I’m wrong).
That’s why I was asking for the Facebook data.

Do you see any way of finding this statistic ?


Ah ok - so I assume by using chatfuel, you are not coding the bot (in which case it would be easy to integrate I would reach out to chatfuel to see if it’s possible - I know they have some analytics within their product

Yes they do have some analytics, but they are not exhaustive :wink: