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Need some advice/help

Hey! My name is Jhamar, I am the founder of a mobile messaging app called Blastchat. - we are only on iOS now but we are launching on android next week.

We are looking to open up on API for devs to start making chatbots. Our product is a mass messaging product meaning, meaning you can send 1 message to many users and then have one on one conversations after. Like BCC on email but for mobile. Where most messenger platforms focus on the pull, we focus on the push. All initial messages are sent with push notifications. Our platform can offer a different experience than ones on FB, slack and others.

We’ve been doing some research and have some basic kneledge on what we are doing but we would love to get more feedback from seasoned chatbot makers.

  1. What should our documentation look like.
  2. What does modern chatbots UI look like (buttons, images, etc) - can it be just text to start?

And any other feedback you have, please let us know! Thanks!!