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MachinaBot, the smart relay gateway designed for bots

(mahieddine.cherif) #1

Hi everyone,
We are very happy to present MachinaBot, a smart relay gateway designed for Bots
MachinaBot accompanies developers from Dev to Prod.
Scaling your bot, Managing your users’ sessions, Local testing, Multiple-integration, A/B Testing, Team Collaboration all of these tasks are difficult to setup and maintain. This is why we’ve created a powerful platform that combines all of these delicious features in one place. It’s as easy as clicking on a button.

Today we are opening our early access program and invite you to be a part of MachinaBot from the beginning! :rocket: it’s fresh :tropical_drink:, it’s new and it’s free for developers forever
We still have some time before the official release and will be adding more goodies :lollipop: for you to try!
If i can be of any help at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out