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Looking for your help finding an experienced Chatbot programmer

(rreitzes) #1

My company is looking for an experienced ChatBot programmer, a Full Stack developer. We prefer someone in New York but happy to speak with anyone that has lots of experience in the space.
Any referrals will be appreciated.

(shivangi.singh) #2

@rreitzes We can help you on this, sent you the email for better reference. Please let us know when is the good time for quick chat?

(gabriel) #3

Hello shivangi.singh,

Can you contact me . I also need help.

(shivangi.singh) #4

@gabriel Hi Gabriel, Happy to help. Please share your email id, i will share the information.

(shivangi.singh) #5

@rreitzes Sent you the email on 10th Feb. Though I’m sharing it again in case if it is lost in your mail box.
Thanks - Shivangi

(gabriel) #6

My email is