Looking for makers who want to get featured on a podcast

Hello fellow :robot: makers!
After receiving some great interest about a podcast about chatbots. I am looking for some business owners and :robot: makers to interview as a part of the series. Who would be interested in being featured in the podcast?


Id love to help out, Im co-founder of www.statsbot.co, one of the most popular Slack bots.
I can talk about technical and business side of building the bot company.

Wed be happy to help and give a perspective of how businesses are using them in South East Asia. We are currently updating our promotional materials, but youll get the jist on www.justasq.me - you can reach me at chris@hyperlab.xyz

You can reach out to sebastian@founderds.as - he is the person behind the duuoo.io bot and this great post on bot interfaces https://chatbotslife.com/designing-without-an-interface-1367b4bdfca6#.my9xa7quv

Happy to be involved. Lead BD/Marketing at www.msg.ai! :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. Im the HOP of hummingbird.ai and would appreciate being involved. Please feel free to DM me. Cheers

Feel free to DM me. Im the founder of IAGO, a hotel-guest relation chatbot.

Wed be interested in getting involved. Part of the team behind abe.ai, a personal finance chatbot.

Im leading an outsourced agency to do chatbots at www.biz2bot.com - love to chat!

Would be glad to help :slight_smile:
I have built 10+ bots
Hello companies with Chatbot design & write about the topic

Im the founder of Lea (Live Event Assistant) a FB Messenger bot for discovering and buying concert tickets. Would be happy to help.

I can help you connect with Sandeep Ray who is working on Chatbots in HR Tech- https://twitter.com/sandeepray; I head Communications @RamcoSystems

Hey We would be interested. I am the maker of SuperFan.ai a fan management studio using bots. We build bots for Public Figures.

We will be happy to. We a Deep Learning / NLP startup, building conversational virtual assistants for online travel and beyond. We can make bots virtually without traditional coding, using Deep Learning (LSTM) instead just feed a training corpus into the neural network. More about how it works here: http://bit.ly/2ahTtjm

Our Alterra is a virtual AI travel agent, a Facebook Messenger bot. She can recommend where to go on vacation and book flights and hotels there:
Chatbottle, a bot search engine, ranked our Alterra #9 bot overall, #1 in travel

Awesome, sure!! Want some insight in healthcare? And our bot YOODOC? PM me at alex@yoodoc.com

Yes, happy to help bring a European and fintech perspective to the podcasts - askfractal.com.

Would love to have one of our team speak about the Canadian bot perspective. Were from Massively, and we build bots for entertainment, customer service, and more.

Check us out http://massively.ai
You can reach me here or at heather@massively.ai

Terrific idea! At Azumo, we build chatbots and have done so for a number of companies. Weve worked with all the tools and services for building chatbots. We also host a series of events for bot developers, investors and executives in the Bay Area so have gathered good perspective.

Happy to connect. You can reach me at chike@azumo.co
You can find us at http://www.azumo.co


Would love to join and contribute! Let me know how I can be involved :slight_smile:

Happy to help out! I can talk about chatbot UX, implementation and user engagement, as well as ethical issues regarding AI. We are collaborating with several industries (health, banking, government, travel) and collaborating very closely with IBM.