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Looking for e-commerce chatbot startup

My company is looking to cooperate with a eCommerce chatbot startup
We are leading eCommerce company, that dealing with rich content
We have thousands of customers and thousands of retailers that partner with us

We want to expand our offering to our customers, help them improve conversion and better brand them-self

if your startup hold eCommerce chatbot technology and is looking to get Mega exposure and deal with the real world traffic, brands and leading retailers sites then we are looking for you

Feel free to email me (currently to my gmail)


Hi Lior,
I’m Vipul, Co-founder, We have the best solution for e-commerce chat-bots in market.
You can have a look at one of the ecommerce bot video here

I’m sending you more details on email, Lets continue this there.


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I work for Conversable and we have designed and implemented many eCommerce enterprise bots. Check us out

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Hi Savanna,
sorry for the late response
can we set some time for introduction next week?

you can look at my company website -
feel free to connect me via my work email -


Hi Vipul
i sent you direct email