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Looking for a bot builder which can show random cards from a certain category

I’m trying to make a bot for Facebook messenger that recommends music in a certain genre. The flow would look something like this:

  1. The user picks a genre (either by typing or a quick reply/button)
  2. The user gets shown a card with an image, title, a ‘button to YouTube/Soundcloud’ and a ‘Next track button’
  3. The user presses the ‘Next track button’
  4. A random card within that genre appears (best case scenario: it would remember the cards allready shown to the user)

My question: Is there a bot builder out there that is able to do something like this?
I’ve tried multiple bot builders (Chatfuel, Motion AI etc.) but none of them have this kind of functionality and I’m not tech savvy enough to code one myself.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That really sounds like it would have to be custom code, a lot of the chatbot platforms out there are built to do very straight forward actions using visual tools… But when complexity ramps up that is where they stop being useful…

Sadly with custom stuff like that I don’t think you can get away from writing the logic yourself.

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Thanks for your response Joseph. Do you know of any good tutorials or guides that might help?

I don’t know of any tutorials specificly to solve that particular problem. But what you want to do can be accomplished with some pretty basic knowledge of JavaScript and Nodejs. Probably an understanding of the YouTube and sound cloud API’s would be useful as well.

The Request module be pretty useful as well.

If you fancy another language/framework that’s fine. What you want to do is not complicated just requires bit of work :slight_smile:

We can help you out with our tool but then it will have to be on the web. We have not released a messenger integration yet.

I feel it might be somewhat similar to this :

Hi Jelle,

we provide the custom chat bot development services. If you would like to
know more please let me know.


I work at Pullstring and I think our platform could help you out. I’m a bit hazy on your flow but I can tell you we can use NLP to match the user’s genre, and we can store cards for different Facebook Structured Messages in what we call folders, which will be chosen at random. We can also condition those cards to fire once only, or use our various state-entities to keep track.

Inside our Structured Message authoring, you can add art, button text, and links to external music platforms. Of course, the music inventory itself would have to be entered manually.

Hi Jelle, did you end up developing & launching your music bot? Just curious