List of bots for healthcare

Hi folks,

Following up on our discussion on bots for better healthcare it appears that several individuals as well as some industrial companies work on automated solutions for personalised healthcare and monitoring.

In this thread I would like to collect such bots and encourage others to post relevant links to other health related bots and intelligent systems. This will help to structure discussions and stay tuned for new bots and advances in medical field.


If you want to add your bot to this list, mention it in the comments below


Saw this article today and thought of the thread you posted earlier:

Thought you might find it interesting :slight_smile: Also another bot: (mental health tracker)

If you do a search on botlist on health, there’s quite a few:


@alyssaong, thanks! I’ve updated the bot list for better readability. The Melody bot looks quite interesting.

There are a bunch on BotList.

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@sethlouey thanks for sharing! The list is indeed comprehensive, but fitness trackers are less relevant to the main interest of the thread.

Hi Andrey,

I’m building, a personal health assistan vía email. Trying to give a personalized experiencie for people with health related doubts. It’s still in beta versión, I Hope to take it forward in the coming months. I’m also launching in the next weeks, kenko will notify Air quality to users and will Ask about perceived health symptoms. I will keep you updated about kenko’s launch.




@dmartincc84, looks interesting and I already registered to see how it works. Keep me posted!

Hi Andrey, thanks for this great list. It will definitely help me. I’m also currently working on a healthcare chatbot named Florence: It’s still a beta version, but I decided to make it publicly accessible, so I get feedback early.
I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Checkout Kenko at he will be more than happy to inform you about Air quality. Please share