I’ve been building chatbos for Facebook Messenger and have had some larger potential clients approach me about building bots in IRC. I don’t know a whole lot about IRC. Does anyone have any experience building bots for IRC?

I am huge fan of Node.js especially when creating bots :slight_smile: If that is what you are using then you can use the irc node module

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I used to build IRC bots back in the day, did lots of things from conversation to file deliver.

I might be able to help it has been a while though.

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Awesome thanks for the help guys!! Any additional examples? I am unfamiliar to the what the full functionality is to IRC. @jburchett @Mike

IRC really isn’t that hard of a technology to understand, you connect to channel (there are TONS of public channels) then create a name and start chatting with in that channel! Of course there is lots of things you can do with it but making a bot is the same idea… Except you’d be joining as the bot instead of you.

Now making a bot from scratch, that is probably a whole different ball game, but if you use many of the existing code wrappers it shouldn’t be that hard to get one up and going. The node module I pointed you to is very straight forward and even simpler to implement!

If you want to just try IRC out is probably the most popular client out these days. Here is an irc search engine type what you enjoy and see if there is a channel for it you can join :slight_smile: There will most likely be a web based irc client you can connect to for that channel.

But yeah, good luck and have fun! IRC is awesome :smiley:

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Great. I am used to using Howdy Botkit to make the FB bots. So it sounds like the nodejs is similar across platforms. What kind of bots have you created for IRC? Do you prefer IRC to Slack?

If you are using Howdy Botkit that means you are indeed using Nodejs. so you’d just do “npm install irc-js” and then implement the code in the examples give and BAM you’d be able to have a bot in your irc :slight_smile:

I am currently building a chatbot game for irc but nothing is public yet. I don’t prefer IRC over Slack simply because Slack is more feature rich then IRC. It’s more modern while IRC is a really old (but reliable) piece of chat tech.