I need speakers for a podcast series on chatbots, any one?

I am in process of designing the format, content and speaker panel for a Podcast Series on "Chatbots"
Podcast Foundation Series (4 episodes)
**Episode 1: Chatbots in Healthcare **
**Episode 2: Chatbots in Art &Culture **
**Episode 3: Chatbots in Business **
Episode 4: Chatbots in Education

but the experts say, they are not much comfortable with “chatbots” as topic in their respective fields…
any names of some interdisciplinary experts???

Background Notes for Business:
In case of business scenarios,Podcast would discuss aspects
how chatbot help in improving productivity and bottom-line profits.
what areas are good for automation and what fields should adopt human interactions…
how they pose no threat to the existing jobs but act as enablers…
what type of businesses can make best use of them…
what design aspects to include for custom requirements
When it is a “no” for chatbots application in business

Background notes for healthcare:
In case of healthcare scenarios,Podcast would address a behavioral problem like-

It has been observed, most of the people facing minor to major health issues will go to “Dr. Google” first to look up. As people with healthcare concerns are not only worried about their health, but also about how much time their problem might take to fix, and how much it will cost them. These are legitimate pain points that drive them to this type of healthcare consumer behavior to begin with. Solution: What if we develop and train a chatbot to help the patient, to sail smooth through her journey from building awareness to consideration set development to final decision making so that any patient who takes the final step in the journey experiences an informed Zero Moment of Truth.

Big THANKS to all listed speakers here. Recordings are live as BotCast 1.0 on Soundcloud,TuneIn, Sticher

Look forward to your support and contribution in future too!


This sounds like a great idea! What is the podcast going to be called / do you have a website up for it?

sure, why not.

Send me a PM

I’m down, my expertise and market is most closely represented by #2. Our bot is for creatives and content creators(including pod casts). It’s like Patreon, in a bot. But we’ll soon be introducing payments and store like feature. If this interests you PM me. You can check out our bot and us @ strumber.com

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Hi Namrata,

Podcast topic and agenda looks interesting. Please provide more insights about target market and audience? Our area of expertise is mostly surrounding Episode 3 i.e., Chatbots for Business.

Dhaval Sahija

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We could help with Chatbots for Business, especially, small individual professional businesses, which are pretty under served with technology solutions.

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@namratanagar my co-founder @thekevinscott and I would be happy to participate. We run the Bots of Brooklyn meetup, and are working on Emoji Salad, an SMS-based chatbot game. If you’re interested, we can make it happen over the coming weeks.


Would love to be included in podcast series!

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That’s wonderful Ari. I have noted the names in the podcast speaker list.Help me figure out where this sms-based chatbot game fits best in the first four (foundation) episodes:

Chatbots in Healthcare
Chatbots in Art &Culture
Chatbots in Business
Chatbots in Education

I do have a plan for advanced series, once the target audience gets the hang regarding chatbots and their applications for good (not as job re-placers…pay reducing tech programs…etc…there are lot of myths around it in areas where they are actually needed)


Thanks Matt, You have always shared a positive note over this…
The name, format and all details I will publish in the Chatbots Magazine for sure. Website I don’t think should pose as problem, it is the sponsorship and the good speaker list that needs more work for now…


That sounds interesting.

Please take this to the mail I shared…

Thanks Vinay. So true, Startups and Solopreneurs need them the most. Looking forward to listening to your thoughts on this.


I could be of service in regards to Arts/Culture, but in context to your points on your Business episode, we have had some interesting experiences developing an AI talent agent. Even though our service could theoretically supplant the need for a human agent we have found adoption easier by making our AI more of an assistant to existing agents, enabling them to do what is impossible for human agents- memorize the exact types of thousands of actors/models.

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@namratanagar - My cofounder @arun or I can talk about Business bots. We’ve built www.asknestor.me and card-iq.com and run www.getbotmetrics.com

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@namratanagar Sounds like a great idea. Happy to be of service. We are building ecombot.factordaily.com and planning to opensource the code behind it. Would love to share experiences and lessons.

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We created an educational bot for kids in a museum last year that I would love to talk about. Send me a message!

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I’m co-founder of www.statsbot.co, one of the most popular Slack bots. I can talk about business/enterprise bots.

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@namratanagar I’d love to help out too, and I’ve got lots of enterprise use cases.

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India’s ecommerce news, stories and events…that is a humongous data…wondering the selection algo you must have picked…