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How to test the idea and get first users?

I just made my bot and want to get first users. What should I do?

What are the steps?


What platform did you make it for? Telegram it’s super easy to share the bot with people close to you for testing. Kik you have to add the user so they have permisison same with Facebook Messenger you need to add them as testers.

But really just test the bot with a small circle of friends and get feedback.

Hey Efim,

If you have a little budget I would recommend doing targeted Facebook ads. They’re a great value (at least right now). I just wrote a blog post on it for Chatbots Magazine:

Hopefully it helps and good luck! :facepunch:


Thanks! I did the test already between friends, now I need to find real users, so I am thinking about Facebook ads!

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you can also submit your bot to qwazou (the google for bots).

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I did some targeted facebook ads and got surprising, somewhat mixed results. Facebook users skew somewhat younger than I had anticipated for the market I was looking for (Romance readers in their mid 20’s and up) I got a lot of kids and people who were just interested in playing with a bot. Not bad necessarily, but it told me my business model might need adjustment. I did get good traffic though.