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How to start from scratch

(gaven122499) #1

Hi, im really interested in building bots, but i dont know where to start.The only programming languages i know are java and c.I dont want to use some third party program to make a bot, i want to learn how to make it from scratch.So where do i start?

(Joseph Burchett) #2

I can’t seem to find any java wrappers around the facebook messaging api so seems like you may need to really do it all from scratch. It’s been a long time since I have done any java but if I can remember you can just use the json libraries

Found this nice link on how to load json data from a url.

You will also need to create a new facebook app, set it up so it uses messenger… Then setup the webhook. You will need to setup SSL certificate since facebook will need your url to be secure. Then you will. You will need to setup a web server of some sort, since you are using java probably use Tomcat?

There is a lot of work you need to do :stuck_out_tongue: if you plan on doing it all from scratch. Getting setup on Telegram, Kik or even SMS is a bit quicker and easier.

I have experience setting up and using Twilio (sms), Telegram, Kik and Facebook messenger, so let me know if you have anymore questions!