How to attract bot maker talents?

We are all entering a fast-growing market. To grow, we need bot makers. Developers, designers and writers.
It is, at least for us in Norway, a challenge to find talents who are willing to do the jump from bot creation from other more established industries. I assume more of you have the same issue.

How can we fix?

  • What can we do together do attract top talents to the bot industry?
  • How to recruit talent to become bot makers?

Anyone got some advice or thoughts? :slight_smile:

I think right now recruiting online for remote work is your only option if you want an “accomplished” bot maker.
Other than that if you find an experienced Javascript Developer, he’s definitely going to be able to develop chatbots as well. Probably, recruiting designers, writers and AI developers will be the real headache.

I would recommend you to be active in your country, start a Meetup group and spread the word about bots. Then hopefully people will come to you.
Good luck! :wink:

I believe that people are still learning how to fit in this industry. Speaking for myself, i live in Brazil, i’m a marketer and ux desinger that “just” discover about chatbot. I’m studing and trying to figure it out how to be part of this “new” market in my professional field.

For the record, I could found only one brazilian group on facebook with 250 people in it and most of the people are developers. So it’s really new and mostly related to devs.

What i’m trying to say is that the talents will apper with time, specially the ones related with business and user/costumer/brand experience.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
We started the bot community in Norway (#botsoslo) and hope to attract some talents there. Otherwise open to your offshore idea if anyone pops up.
Anyhow,the main question is how to make the industry attractive. Not just to us, but for all of us

Even though building Bots requires using existing technologies but planning and designing a Bot is slightly different from typical product management. It requires putting yourself in the shoes of the target audience completely and work backwards. Yes it sounds like Apple haha. But literally you have to do that and more because user can literally ask anything over chat as there is no structured flow to a Bot application, ideally. So finding people who think like end users maybe interesting BUT a new breed of Bot script writers are definitely required who can engage and relate to the target users.