How much should I charge to build chatbots for companies?


Can I get some ADVICE PLEASE?

I am working on my own chatbot at but have had a few companies approach me about building them a FB messenger chatbot.

WHO has done some freelance type services for companies? How did you charge them? It almost seems like early website building days… but time will tell. I have absolutely no clue how to go about charging.

I really need your advice! Thank you!!!

I am struggling with the same challenge but since a Bot is kinda living thing with a mind that keeps developing with every interaction I am contemplating a recurring business model. Since the Bot needs to be regularly tweaked to increase usage and interaction as you see users interacting with the Bot, it is really not a one time build and done project.

I am still figuring it out by talking to prospects but do not have a clear direction at this time BUT I am leaning strongly towards a recurring business model.

Please let me know what you learn too.

We are building chatbots for enterprise media companies, our pricing structure is based on integration costs (CMS, Scheduling, CRM etc.) which you should be able to figure out like any other software development cost. Then we charge for interactions, that’s a tiered model based on volume.

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Look at it from a value creation perspective. What value does this bot bring to your customer? Is there monetary value? Say if you can save the customer X dollars in the contact center, because the chatbot is answering customer questions automatically, then it is common practice to charge 10% of that. So if you can save a customer $100k annually, you can easily charge 10k annually (or how ever you want to structure the contract)

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