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How is Facebook account linking useful to your bot?

Have you used Facebook Account Linking?

  • Yes - It’s not useful
  • Yes - It’s not so useful
  • No

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If yes - would love to hear which bot and how you’re using it in the replies.

Background: Account Linking

When a user starts a conversation with your business, you may want to identify him or her as a customer who already has an account with your business. To help with this, we have created a secured protocol to link and unlink the Messenger user identity with your business user identity.

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I’ve never used it before, but being able to authenticate your users can be really useful for certain types of bots I suppose. For instance, a bank could identify that I’m using the bot, then I can say stuff like “what’s my savings accounts balance” or “transfer $x from savings to cheque account”. Or if I have an account with my local supermarket, the supermarket’s bot could authenticate me and I can start asking stuff like “what’s my points balance?” or “how much did I spend this week on groceries?”.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but yeah.