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How HTML5 instant games could disrupt the app stores in 2017

Link to the VentureBeat article

This article discusses how with the rising popularity of “Facebook Instant Games” it could become bigger then the app store. Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Zero install, zero friction and quick way to play game right in your favorite messaging app.

Only problems that need to be worked out are how to make money, the platform holders still pretty restrictive on this but if they allow ads and charging of payments for digital goods it could be huge!

The next big gaming gold rush is right around the corner and it’s for sure going to be in the messaging space :smiley: I really think people are not seeing the potential for entertainment when it comes to chatbots.

Interesting thoughts. I can see two huge advantage here over apps - 1) faster to launch. no install and up in a second in an environment where people are anyways (never underestimate the laziness of people to close one window and open another :slight_smile: 2) sharing. this will help games spread so much faster because they are embedded in messaging. and you can create some really neat games for 1-1 or location based or context based. have like a bot+game hybrid.

in such a scenario, the games will become popular even quicker than today (and also vanish quicker) but that will help the good games succeed faster through network effects. perhaps F8 will shed some light on this.


You read my mind exactly! :smile: Same reasons I feel it will succeed. Just few more links to work South and could have something truly amazing.