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How do you track where the traffic comes from?

I am working on driving traffic to the bot. Since there isn’t a landing page for Messenger, it becomes more difficult to track. How does everyone track the traffic now?

Any tips on attracting users? Anything that you have done was particularly helpful?

Do people actually use the Facebook QR code to scan? I feel like not many people know how to scan a Facebook Messenger QR code…


In the framework I built I capture analytics using the the users ip information… So I am able to know what country, state and city they reside in. Was there any particular metrics you are looking for?

@jburchett I was referring to the channel which it comes in. Do you know how these users know of your chatbot? With only 1 link (, I feel like that’s more difficult to track

I believe there’s no way to figure this out with data right now.

However, there’s always the possibility to ask the users directly :slight_smile: Haven’t tried that, though! Does anyone have experience with this?

You could always put behind a url shortner that actually does give you data like Googles url shortner,, tiny url, etc. That would give you ton of data from where it was clicked from.


Great point! Is it effective for you?

Indeed it is! I am a fan of, I like the data they supply.

I can share a little bit from our experience with the Facebook QR codes.
We ran a little experiment with 2 groups where for the first group we left about 200 flyers with a short explanation about our bot and the QR code and for the second group we sent emails with the same text and a direct link.

  • Over 70% open rate for the email and 50% actually started conversation with the bot.
  • 6 people used the QR code, only 2 had a real conversation with it.

We are still experimenting different things and I’d love to share if anyone’s interested.

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