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How do you debug/test your bot?


I’m about to launch my new bot and I have a question regarding debug/testing bot.
Up until now, I pointed the Webhook url into my local development server using ngrok
I was able to test/verify/iterate on the bot without any problems.

Now we ready to go to production, I changed the webhook url to production domain name.
And everything seems to be good.

What happen the next time I want to work and test the bot locally (while developing the next features)?
If I change the webhook url again, all traffic will go to my local server which is not what i want.

So what are the options? How do you test your bot once it’s live? how to you develop new features?


Hey Ran,

I’d recommend creating a completely separate development bot where you can do your testing. Once you’ve tested and are satisfied, you can then migrate that environment to production. This allows you to always have a stable production environment without having to test locally through ngrok.


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I second what @aottenwess says, just make a test bot. That is what we have done.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Do you mean to create another fb page and associate it with new fb app (bot) for testing?
Is it possible to use existing page with two bots?

You would have to use another page. Just make it 2 completely different environment to be sure :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

my 2cents - We have three pages; local_dev, staging (for the client) and production.