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How Chatbots responded my to unrelated and random questions!

(Hira Saeed) #1

In my latest blog to VentureBeat, I explored a few amazing chatbots that are doing great in their respective fields. I tried having a chat session with them and asked a few random questions to test their AI. I tried more than 18 chatbots overall and handpicked these 4. Have a look and let me know your honest feedback that I can incorporate into my blog.

(Carlos Herrera) #2

I loved how the Right Click bot responded. It seems the team put a lot of effort into analyzing and understanding each message the bot gets.

As a recap, how do you think chatbots intelligence is evolving? It would be interesting to do this same exercise in six months or one year.

(Hira Saeed) #3

Very true @carlosherrera, won over many bots in the same category. I tried typing my name through multiple ways like " You can call me Hira" Hira is my name" “Hira here” and it actually understood what letters made my name. Such a beautiful part of AI is this.

Also, chatbots industry is evolving with so many bots for everything out there but the intelligence isn’t here. (Sadly). We do not need bots that talk to us like we are filling an online form. The humane conversation still lacks in most of them.

And yeah sure I’ll do this exercise after once in a while.