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How about a jobs category?

I think it would be great if there was a “jobs” category where members could post vacancies their companies have (or that they stumble across) or to indicate their availability for employment.


@neightman - I second that! I’m keen to find a technical co-founder for and Chatbot News looks like a great place to start that conversation.

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That be awesome to find some chat bot talent :smiley: need some for my startup as well!

@hugh button ai?
Tell us more?

@hugh Have you thought of using a regular post to announce the vacancies?

+1 here sounds like a great idea!

More than regular Jobs, I believe this community can be huge on a work-for-hire basis. Both for devs as for companies :slight_smile:


Im in the midst of setting up an agency and also available part time remotely :slight_smile:


@wouter.biegstraaten - Sure thing! is a bot for Slack that adds quick reply buttons to direct messages. The purpose is to make decision making shorter and sharper within one to one and group conversations. We got listed in the Slack App Directory earlier this week.

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@neightman - That’s a good idea! I might put a post together next week.

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Maybe we should do this…


Just a heads up, Mubs and I will be releasing something this week only to the Chatbot community for beta access for Jobs. If you want to be notified when we release, sign up or sign up to BotList’s newsletter.

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Uhmm, that doesn’t look like a job form.

Ok - added a “Jobs” category since I’ve started to see some people creating topics that they are hiring.

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