Hi! I am the co-creator of "BotList.co". What feedback do you have for us?

It’s been 6 months since we launched BotList.co and the community has been amazing. Our core mission is to create a platform to help YOU and YOUR bots grow. We want to solve the bot search and discovery issues around bots.

Since launching, we have become media partners with VentureBeat and are in several talks now with some of the major platforms on how we can better assist chatbots.

I’m reaching out to see what we can do better. Gloves are off! Let us have it… What can we do better as a platform to help you and the community grow as a whole?


First off thanks for existing! Seriously, it’s super awesome to have you guys :slight_smile: My company is making chatbot games and sites like yours will help a lot!

As for just general feedback, could you add a “Games” category? I know there is already “Entertainment” and “Social & Fun” but it be more nice just to have an area devoted just to games. Outside of that loving the site and use it a LOT!

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Thanks for the kind words! Without you guys, we would be nothing.

Do you have an example of some chatbot games? Have you submitted any of these games before? We can definitely create a new topic for games.

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Facebook Messenger



I just picked out my personal favorite ones :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a growing space and I am sure we will be seeing lots more in the coming future!

I am also personally working on a game but it’s not released yet! http://www.pummelheadgames.com/mojipets/

Thanks for creating Botlist, it’s definitely helpful!

I feel like there should be added some sort of additional curation to to it, though. We submitted our fun project EmojiNews a few weeks ago and got some clicks initially (at about 300 views now), but it soon vanished, as there are so many bots submitted. How are you going to deal with the increasing number of bots that are being created?

Also, some sort of basic analytics would be amazing! Like, how many people clicked ton the link to the bot. The main problem of Messenger right now is that it’s difficult to understand where users come from.

Keep up the great work!

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We currently only add 6 new bots daily. The reason for this is to make sure that there isn’t a flood of chatbots on our platform… We want quality, not quantity.

There are a few things that we are working through right now that will help with more exposure. We can add more features, but in the end, the difference between successful bots and unsuccessful bots is marketing and retention. The popular bots that you always see, continuously market about what they are doing and generally link either to their bot or BotList detail page. That in turn, flags us and we tweet it or market them more. Hence, they get more exposure.

We do want to add more analytics for bot makers, but have more important features on the radar to help with discovery and personal ownership.

Thanks for the support!


Ok first of all: I freakin love Botlist! The UI is :ok_hand:

Couple of ideas/feedback:

  • Allowing the owners to edit stuff for the bot. Would be useful to be able to add update notes to the bot whenever. Not sure if this has changed since I last used it - sorry if it’s already possible to do it!
  • Maybe have some kind of campaign or incentive to encourage users to rate/leave a review? Seeing as not a lot of people do it atm
  • Listing the bots in different ways. e.g. on the front page I can sort by most views/most reviews/newest, etc.
  • Put the chat links directly on the bot listing page (so that I don’t have to first click on the bot then click on the “chat on messenger”)

:slight_smile: Honestly thank you guys so much for all the work you have put into it though. Without it I would never have found like 70% of the bots I’ve used.

Ask and thou shall receive! BotList, now with a Game category. :wink:


Great feedback! Ans thanks for the love!!!

  • Bot editing hasn’t been implemented yet, but it’s on our radar and it’s at the top of the ToDo list. We are also working on the homepage to display new features that the current bots are adding. So, a “Recently Updated” tab. (Side question: Why haven’t you been back to use BotList? I’m curious how we can change that.)

  • Reviews needs some serious work. It’s not imperative to currently leave a review. This comes from the lack of ownership on accounts. Something that we are working on now. Also, the placement and UX of reviews is jacked up. We will be moving it out of the sidebar. :slight_smile:

  • Something we are adding right now actually. This one can be tough though because of certain algorithms.

  • Fantastic idea! Honestly, have never really thought about that one. One thing that could be a problem with it though is that some chatbots are on every platform. So if we just add the link to the platform icon, this could work.

THANK YOU… THANK YOU… THANK YOOOOOU!!! Without this community, we wouldn’t have a platform! If you ever want to share that on the socials, we would be tickled pink. :smiley: :robot:


Sweet! So glad this happened :smile:

Will you ever add an API to submit bots ?

Would love to allow people to submit a bot from my service

Oh I have been back (many times) - what I meant was I haven’t actually logged into my account for a while :slight_smile:

Can you share more about the ROI for the sponsored post? I notice that you guys are pushing / experimenting with that.

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Possibly. We just have more on the priority list right now. What service to you have?

We will be adding more features for profiles in the very near future. :slight_smile:

We have an average CTR around 10%. Flow XO that advertised a few weeks ago had a click through rate of 10.27% for their week. (They are actually advertising next week for a second time because they had some success with it).


How long does it take to get listed after submitting the form?

What about regional or bots in different languages?

It depends on the bot really. We make sure that all of our bots have all the proper information and we only release 6 per day. We are really trying to focus on quality over quantity at BotList.


Maybe you guys can create a language category?

I create 2 bots already, but both in portuguese.

Thank you, we’ll keep an eye and hopefully we can get published in botlist.