Hello from backchannel

Hi I’m the founder of backchannel a new service to help businesses use messaging to connect with customers. We are currently focused on small businesses especially those businesses who do not have a fixed location.

I’ve been a viewer on this forum and find it really useful and appreciate everyone’s thoughts on both technical and business topics. I look forward to connecting with others who are interested in messaging and how they can be used for businesses. I just wanted to introduce myself and look forward to participating more in this community.

Hello there unnamed person who claims to be the founder of backchannel :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of your business and I see that you (collectively) are following down a similar path as bots, only using SMS. I am a writer by trade, so my involvement in bots is less about coding and more about adding value to the UX with bots, so my experience overlaps with yours somewhat in that I do a LOT of work for individual medical/dental practitioners.

In an age when retailers and others are scaling up to be national/intl in scope, local businesses providing services like a doctor (esp elective procedures), dentist, and veterinarian have a fighting chance because their services CANNOT be scaled up. And so right now they’re spending a shit-ton of money on people like me in order to write SEO material in order to get local customers to visit their website.

Furthermore, esp as it regards medical practitioners, they are already outsourcing their receptionist with call centers. It seems to me like there’s a HUGE opportunity to use bots for these unscalable local-only businesses in order to a) answer questions b) schedule things (appts/etc) and c) introduce new customers to the business.

TL;DR = any business that exclusively serves a defined locality is the IDEAL user of a bot.

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Oh, I should add here that since you are focused on businesses THAT (not who!) do not have a fixed location, I’ve done tons of work with little 1 or 2-person mobile businesses, including car washing teams (that come to you) and food trucks. From what I’ve seen, they use Facebook Pages in lieu of a traditional website, so there are HUGE possibilities from converting current customers/“likers” to users of bots on Messenger.

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