Has anyone experience with bots for celebrities?

Hey guys,

does anyone have experience with chatbots for celebrities? They have already so many followers on social platforms and I’m wondering, why they don’t already started to have their own bots.

Looking forward to your experience, thanks and cheers!


I don’t have any PERSONAL experience with celebrity chatbots but I know Redfoo (that’s his stage name) is a big user of chatbots. There’s also some rapper who uses one too.


Ok, thank you - I’ve checked it. Any other bots around?

There’s quite a few of them out already I think, although I’m unsure about the quality as most are fanmade (the redfoo one is official though since it was built alongside him by Esther Crawford).

Two that got some media coverage was the Justin Bieber bot and the Selena Gomez one. There’s heaps on telegram I think (saw a Taylor Swift one).

Think it will be a while before celebs start making official bots for themselves, seeing as the technology hasn’t quite stabilised yet. Like it took a while before some of them got onto making apps (e.g. The Kardashian one, Linkin Park, and the latest DNCE one!) Kinda like making the investment only after you know bots have taken off for sure ie mainstream adoption :wink:


@alyssaong beat me to it! Hahaha, but yeah those bots doing super well! Chatbots are perfect marketing tool and I am surprised we haven’t seen more of it! I remember when the new Ninja Turtles movie came out there was a bot for each of the turtles on Kik, it was really cleverly done!

I am sure we will be seeing lots more of marketing and entertainment in the future.

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Yes, bots are the new mobile apps for celebrities. Considering most celebrities are on Facebook a Facebook bot definitely make more sense for them. The good thing about bots and technology in general is that it enables a common man or a tech enthusiast to create something for a celebrity. The idea is not always to ride on the popularity of the celebrity but to actually help people who follow them. Here is a Facebook chatbot on Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi:NamoBot This rule based bot enables people to ask questions about Mr. Modi which it answers by looking various sources from Google. You can read more about it here: https://www.netsolutionsindia.com/blog/introducing-namo-chatbot-a-one-stop-solution-for-finding-all-about-mr-narendra-modi/. .

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Interestingly this is the use-case I am building for. Josh Bocanegra specialises in building bots for Celebrities.

He built one with Christina Milian and launched it recently - it received 120k+ users in 9 days.

I’ll be releasing my first celeb-bot with an accompanying medium post next week :slight_smile:

p.s. 99% of bots will not have distribution like this. The only reason this happened is because Facebook promoted the bot to test it (which is something they will unlikely do a lot).


A celebrity is just a chatbot waiting to get repackaged. Especially if its a 3D avatar providing a GUI to the bot. The entire personality is a commodity: The voice, the clothes, the face, the phrases, the dance moves, even the fans are all commodities that will be repurposed for this medium.

Consider Pete Townsend’s guitar, Jim Morrison’s scarf, or anything that ever came within a one-mile radius of Elvis—these are all dear commodities. How many young girls have stood in front of the mirror and worked on their Janet Jackson walk? How have Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani changed fashion? (Look for the midriff cut or baby-doll outfits if you need a hint.) The shape of the body parts is important, too. How many people have had nose jobs to look like Britney Spears or bought push-up bras to look like Gwen Stefani? When one considers how avatars sell and trade commodities, and how these commodities are valued assets, it’s a short hop to imagine selling Beyonce clothes, necklaces, earrings, rings, parasols, pet alligators, shoes, hairstyles, hair color, lipstick color, eye color, or skin color. When we get into the intimate stuff. As an avatar, you can sell her walk, her dance, her flick of the wrist, her nod of the head, and her flirtatious wink. Maybe you could even sell the camera movements that swarm around her, too. And are all of those line dancers her kajira? Most pop stars seem to have kajira, which can be sold, too.
Celebrity accessories have been valuable in Los Angeles for some time; industries have even sprung up around them. Beyonce, as her own avatar, paid for most of these social commodities herself. Fashion designers did her clothes, parasol, and pet alligator. A stylist did her makeup, hairstyle, hair color, and eyelashes.
Choreographers told her how to dance, her personal trainer shaped her legs and
arms. e movie director paid for the camera swarms. Watch her video “Get Me Bodied,” and you’ll get the idea.


I was working on a bot of the current Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson which many within his campaign liked but the digital director was clueless / didnt get back to me in time to go further with it and also the campaign was underfunded.

It was never submitted for FB approval but I may still clean it up and finish off the various policy positions as far as I’d progressed before voting time. Not even sure he knew what it was in the end. It’s accessible at @GaryJohnsonBot on Telegram though

I’ve just launched my first Celebrity bot: Casey Neistat Bot

Feel free to test it out here: http://m.me/caseyneistatbot

Also on PH: https://www.producthunt.com/tech/casey-neistat-bot

Thanks guys for your inputs and overview! I really appreciate that.

Yes, I had a conversation with a renowned author, and after the fourth line in the chatbox I asked her, where can I talk to her, that bot of hers was just not listening to me…
She told me that her busy schedule demands some bot that can help…but I tell you that conversation was as good as having no conversation…bot needs to have some listening and comprehension skills along with creative and behavioral understanding…wondering if it is possible…