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Handover dilemma in optimizing for self-service

(tovare) #1

When a chatterbot is unable to produce a suitable response, I see some bots suggest that the user contact customer care.

A chatterbot is often be implemented as a big black box where the user is asked an open question like “Please ask me a question,” and unlike a website which can show the entire menu of available products and services. i.e., the bot might know about Tacos because it´s the only thing you do, but the user requests some ice cream in the bot (which isn´t on the menu).

The dilemma is that if the chatbot didn´t exist the user might have just found what they needed without delay.

Would it be better to:

  • Not trying to do a handover in the context of a chat except in concrete scenarios.
  • or, only suggest chatbot interaction as an option at a lower level on the site. (Such as the bottom of the menu in the case above) ?