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This appeared on the third largest Argentina newspaper.

I’m writting a translation and publishing on Chatbot magazine very soon.

PD: SORRY it is in Spanish. try this out

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I was about to make a topic about this same news story, but fortunately I noticed your topic beforehand. I first heard about it at

And the full story has appeared in The Verge:

Basically, a woman created a bot based on her dead friend.

This poses some quite interesting questions and dilemmas. Could you imagine doing this? Do you think it can help with grief?

While I can imagine that both building and talking to the bot can be a way for someone to process a person’s death, it’s hard to imagine doing the same myself. Then again, I haven’t been in that position. Trying to make it too much like the actual person would, in my mind, be too much. But something like a confession bot, that lets you grief and memorize but gives no pretense about actually conversing with you as if it were alive.

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Have you watched Black Mirror ?