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Graphs to explain bot market

(cactus.texas) #1

hi folks,

I always look for nice graphs that show market of chatbots /messaging apps and believe you guys did too for pitch; I want to collect all those in this thread. Any interesting graph/images/links are welcomed :slight_smile:

btw I’m looking for a questionnaire, I’ve seen it once somewhere, which shows that companies are most interested in chatbot as a next technology :frowning:

(charles) #2

These are great, thanks for sharing

(Vik Kimyani) #3

Saw this thread and thought the results of this Personetics survey of financial institutes would be interesting appended here.

And saving the best finding for last, note how a lot of Financial institutes will need help.


(Matt Schlicht) #4

Whoa, super awesome graphs! Thank you for sharing these.

(Ronny de Winkel) #5

How about this infographic from Incapsula?

(cactus.texas) #6

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile: