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Good onboarding flow for chatbots

Hi all, have you come across any good onboarding flows of chatbot so far? I will narrow it down to new brands, not brands that have already made it… Any good advice on onboarding?

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What I did with my chatbot is

  1. Explain what a chatbot is and the limitations it has (conversational interface, can´t understand everything)
  2. Explain the purpose of the chatbot and the real world problem I want to address (teenage pregnancy)
  3. Give the short word that opens help (for commands you can use) and how to reach a human agent
  4. Offer to start using or learn more

I’m a little biased, but we got feedback from Slack directly that our onboarding was awesome so I’m sharing that. Of course it depends on your audience. We’re a platform that serves other bot developers so our onboarding needed to speak to that audience. Our bot walks other bot developers through a set up and integration with our solution. It asks them questions to collect just the minimum amount of information to guide the conversation. Our bot gives them the API keys, tells them how to integrate the code, and gives them code examples… No need to read through integration docs, or go to a website to get an API key. Everything happens through a conversation, so by the end of the conversation, bot developers are up and running with our solution.

If your bot is geared towards consumers, you should avoid any onboarding. It’s different than a mobile app. They just want to communicate freely and get responses back, and jump into a conversation. It’s best to greet your customers and give them choices that define the scope of what your bot can do. It’s also best to give them one command that explains more about what your bot can do. For example “Just say Help to learn more about what I can do”.