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“Get Started” button does not appear in welcome screen for FB Messenger bot on Messenger app

(Malek Tanabene) #1

Hi everybody,

For some reason, the “get started” button doesn’t appear on mobile Messenger app but it works perfectly on web .
I have try to delete the button and repost it . but still have the same problem …
I use node js . and i followed FB documentation:
Getting started button

Anyone has a solution ? is it bug ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

(Vik Kimyani) #2

Did you try deleting all conversations and removing the bot completely?

(Malek Tanabene) #3

yes i did . and evrytime the button appears on web only … i want it to work on mobile app too

(Malek Tanabene) #4

It works now i just closed the messenger app and relaunch it .