Gartner's Maverick* Research: The Demotion of the Smartphone predicts chatbots as new medium of disruption

Gartner’s maveric research time to time publishes unconventional insights in technology. Sharing an abstract from a latest Gartner’s Maverick* Research: “The Demotion of the Smartphone” :

Research kinds of predict demolition of smartphone and apps and suggests that : " Conversational, AI-rich platforms underpinning chatbots and other applications that present themselves proactively to their “owner” through different IoT devices will reshape interactions with services and devices. "

Research’s Recommendations for strategic planners:

"Use conversational platforms and wearables as a bridge to the new smart environment, where user interactions move from multiple interfaces on smartphones to more natural interaction methods across many smart devices. "

if you have access, you can read the full report here: