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Freelance Chatbot Developers

(jkhamb) #1

Hello everyone,
I am looking for freelance chatbot developers. My clients are interested in chatbots and I am looking for individuals who can help design chatbots. You can work from home or from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested please message me.


(Pritesh Vora) #2

@jkhamb: pls share the details. Would be happy to help.

(Mark Stephenson) #3

Hi, I’m doing some custom work right now to top up funds for my own startup. Shoot your details over to me ->

(omyhaylovych) #4

please share details. Thanks @jkhamb

(geir) #5

We are also looking for freelance chatbot developers for long-term cooperation.
We are using chatbots to fix education :slight_smile:

Please feel to reach out directly at


(Ari Zilnik) #7

Happy to help, @jkhamb and @geir. Please contact me at

(jkhamb) #8

Sent you an email, let me know if you don’t have it in your inbox. Looking forward to connecting.

Thanks for connecting. I will reach out to you via email.

(jkhamb) #9

@priteshvora1982 can you share your email address? I will send you a list of questions.

(jkhamb) #10

can you share your email address? I will send you a list of questions.

(omyhaylovych) #11

sure it is

(Pritesh Vora) #12

sure. its

(Tiago Araújo) #13

We work too as freelance. You can check here more info about our company and try out here our demo. My e-mail: Thanks.

(rohit.dogra) #14

Hey there, we have good experience in education having delivered educational products in consumer and enterprise education and coaching. Currently developeing bots for ecomemrce, HR and Banks. Please contact me at

(rohit.dogra) #15

Hey there, we are currently developing bots for ecommerce, HR and Banks. Please contact me at to know more.

(kojouharov.stefan) #16

Would be happy to help :slight_smile: I have a team and we have built a number of bots

(jkhamb) #17

Hello - what is your email address? I have some questions that I would like to send your way.

(kojouharov.stefan) #18


My email is

You can send me your questions and we can also do a call at some point.


(espenteik) #19

Hi there Stefan,

I will also mail you :slight_smile:

(jkhamb) #20

Rohit - let’s talk at 8:00 am PST today (about 3 hrs from now). I will send you an invite now.


(dcabrera) #22

We’re interested in helping you too :). My email is, we can schedule a meeting to see how we can solve the problem of your clients :slight_smile: