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Four key takeaways after 6 months working in the market of chatbots

Hope you like Jorge Peñalva’s thoughts on building chatbots.


A great piece, @Jordi_Mon!

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Hi @Jordi_Mon,
in your article you mentioned chatbots you’ve built for banks and other companies. Where can I see them in action?

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Not yet @Kath. I’d love to but our clients are not so much into that idea.

@Jorrdi you mean you even don’t have a working demo? How in this case you found clients? As for the clients, I always thought that these kind of chats can be used in public, but I just can’t find anything. Nobody shows their chatbots, that’s weird.

It’s funny you say so Kath when right above this topic there’s another one where there are almost a hundred bots posted: