For a minute, become BlingChat's VP marketing?

Hi Everyone,
First of all, happy to be a part of this great community!
So for the past 8 month we have been working on BlingChat, a chat based platform for millennials to show, discover and learn about engagement rings, it’s a cool bot because it has a two-way flow of information (users can upload rings that others can see, and like it). Anyway, although it’s still early we want to go out and get some users in order to test and adjust the product. I know a thing or two about marketing, but I think it’s best to start with asking for your advice, if you were in my shoes, how would you start getting some users for such bot?
Any feedback, any advice is extremely appreciated.



Just tried it. Nice job Arik. Dialogue is still a little ‘cold’ for such an emotional topic as engagement rings. I would definitely add some more personality in there. Also, try to find out if it is a single person or a couple together; then the responses coulod vary.

Tip for others trying this: do not do this with the girlfirend around. Might put the wrong impression :wink:

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Thanks for checking it out Nas. You are right, it’s the first version and I’m sure we need to update the text to be more emotional. BTW, your tip should appear in the beginning of each interaction (:smile: