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Financial Institutions Bullish on Chatbots

(james.a.gardner) #1

Helpful research data if you’re pursuing a chatbot in banking, insurance, etc.

(Vik Kimyani) #2

I work in the sector in London and it’s one of the major topics (along with AI), especially, as Cleo has already gone live in the UK and a couple of banks have even internally developed Alexa skills but are not quite ready to deploy.

(Ronny de Winkel) #3

Thank you for the link, very curious on Chatbots in Fintech. Definitely interesting times with Blockchain around the corner as well.

(vnsavitri) #4


Since you’re curious about chatbots in Fintech, I prototyped this chatbot as a probono effort for STAKE, a FinTech startup based in Sydney.

Would love to hear your feedback especially in regards to the conversation flow. The bot main job is to do lead generation and product/service introduction.