Feedback and User Testing

I’ve had an idea kicking around for a while now about user testing and feedback. I realized this was a problem after I built my first bot and I let my boss give it a try (it bombed).

How do you all feel about a service that matches up users and developers? Is it something worth using, or are you solving this problem another way right now?

I built a landing page to demonstrate the idea, but I’m mostly curious about whether or not this is a challenge for most of you - and if it isn’t what’s the optimal solution.

Landing page is


We don’t have the videos, but we log all conversations. Then we have the ability to playback those conversations in real time, 2x, 4x, 10x speeds.

The cool thing about this would be to maybe hear the user feedback as well in real time. For sure interested to try it out if you do build it.

Thanks Mike. If you have a bot in mind you want tested send it my way. I have an initial process in place that I’m looking to optimize with a few dry runs.

One idea that @thekevinscott and I have been toying around with is integrating feedback directly into our bot itself. Almost as like a feedback mode. The benefit is that feedback is tied to the user’s exact state ie: what were their last few actions and bot responses. There’s no where else that the user needs to go, and the feedback is contextual. We haven’t integrated this yet, and may never, but we think it’s interesting to try out.


That’s a cool idea Ari. Would you do it like a bounty program where a user could flip it on to identify an issue and receive some sort of reward within your service?

Either way integration into the app for feedback would be a really slick approach. I’ve seen some ask for feedback but never with the approach you’re describing.

Thanks for sharing the platform McQueen. I have submitted my bot. Look forward to receiving feedback