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FB Chatbot - Undocumented Quick replies

Hi all,

Through building our chat bot I’ve come across a few undocumented “features” The latest one I’ve come across is to do with Quick Replies.

I made a typo and FB responded with the following error:

Error: { message: ‘(#100) Param message[quick_replies][0][content_type] must be one of {LOCATION, POLL, TEXT, OPEN_NATIVE, STICKER, OPEN_APP, P2P_PAYMENT, TRANSPORTATION, CREATE_EVENT}’,

Now there’s a whole bunch of Quick Reply types that are not anywhere in the documentation - the Poll one in particular sounds very interesting.

Has anyone played with these?



No, but now I’m going to!

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Thanks for a hint, very interesting.

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Sounds very interesting - thanks.
Did anyone managed to work any of the undocumented quick replies?

Please update.


Well I just went through every one of the content_types and nothing came out of it. I was hoping for another error message saying something like “for content type Poll you must do XYZ”

For each of them the quick reply either didn’t display as a button and just displayed as a text response or I saw an “unknown error” back from the FB API.

Looks like we’ll have to wait…

Did anyone get any further with these features? I know the payments stuff is beta now but I haven’t tried it yet.