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Facebook chat bot conversation designer

(Obaid Ahmed) #1

Hi All,

We have officially launched our Facebook chat bot conversation designer that allows you to quickly mock your conversation map and even test them out with in browser preview or export the into gif or video.

We are constantly adding more features and looking forward to supporting other platforms such as Slack, Telegram etc…

Please let me know your thoughts and would love to hear about the features you think we should implement to make the tool more useful.


BotMock team!

(susana.duran) #2

Hi, is in your plans adding any kind of text export? is doing something quite similar but you need to keep different sources to export that conversation into text.


(Obaid Ahmed) #3

Hi Susana,

Could you please expand on what you mean Abu “text export”?



(susana.duran) #4

Exporting a video is very useful for dev and QA but it would be useful as well if it was possible to have all the conversation you introduced in the tool in a JSON format or even just text with some kind of tag to identify it could come from to make sure there’s a unique source of true for designers, developers and QA.
I haven’t found any tool that provides both features and we need to maintain dialogs in at least 2 different tools.

(Obaid Ahmed) #5

@susana.duran I have created a ticket to track this request. We can export a JSON document that mirrors what Facebook Messenger API requires. If you have a botmock account, please email me at obaid[at] and I will add you to our early feature release list, so you can test it out before it hits the main release cycle.