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(leo1) #1

Hi everyone,

We’ve just launched ‘Trump Survival’ bot 2 days ago. It’s now sitting at 700+ users and growing. This is by far the most ‘successful’ bots we’ve built. You can check it out here:

We’ve built a lot of functional bots prior that’s a lot more complex compare to this, but we’ve found often it’s the content that counts.

I want get your oponion on the kind of content that works the best in the form of chatbot. Be awesome if you could share your stories.


(Iuri Genovesi) #2

Hey Leo,

I’m amazed and totally engaged by this bot. Great job! Worth saying that I’m not American, so all I know about Trump and the presidential campaign is merely news around here and there and self interest. In order to make it MORE attractive for both newbies on ‘names’ and not Americans, I would cut the names and details of people that ‘not everyone knows.’

For ex: Putin most people do, Trump, Hilary, Obama, those are all common and people can engage easily to those.

But when names like Omarosa and Kellyane Conway appeared I had to google then so I could keep up with the jokes. For me that is not a problem since I’m eager and engaged, but for “normal people” I believe those could be points of losing interest easily.

Keep rocking, that was awesome.

And #GoHilary lol

(leo1) #3

Thanks for the feedback Luri. What we’ve proved is that content is king. You can still get a lot of user engagement without building a complex chatbot.