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Exclusive beta, put your FB chatbot on your website

Wanted to give this forum exclusive access to our pubic beta, before we open it up to everyone else!

Want to put a bot on your site? Already built a messenger bot?

We’re starting the beta for’s web connect, where with just a script tag you can add your messenger bot to your website.

Try it at
(Let me know here or at if you need any help setting up or suggestions/bugs)

As fellow bot builders (, we built a lot of technology scaffolding to build better bots in a smarter way. While we open-source a lot of it, not everyone wants to run their own infrastructure. So we decided to start, hopefully taking care of your chatbot’s infrastructure as you focus on building a smarter bot. Think parse for bots.


This sounds pretty awesome. Where can we test a demo?

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Our web chat on fynd’s site is running through it now. In fact, the bots runs completely on the platform, yay for dog-fooding. The beta is live though, so if you have your own bot…

Hey Adam. We want to list a Facebook bot that we have built on How do we go about this? Can you help?

Just go to and create an account, everything should be working

Cool platform. I have been searching for this alike product. Cheers for sharing

Let me know if you need any help with integration!

We’ll be adding more fashion clients over the next few weeks so we’all add more demos, but would love some more feedback.

Hey Adam, the beta invite still on?

Hey @adam1 can i teste it?

I have created a bot for Facebook using Chatfuel.
Is it possible for it too integrate with my site

If anyone want to use my chatbot

@adam1 nice :slight_smile: I’ve tested it out with a generic bot and the integration works mostly really smoothly. Are you still developing this? My question/feedback: It looks like sending the text via the original messenger interface results in multiple, duplicate, posts if the routing rules have been set inside In other words, my experience has been that once the webhook is set in’s ‘Routing Rules’, posts made to the bot via’s web dialogue return the expected content from the bot, but posts made through Messenger result in multiple, duplicate responses. This seems to be the case only for posts that include text, not postbacks (button clicks). Removing the webhook url from ‘Routing Rules’ reinstates normal functionality via messenger, but of course eliminates the functionality of the web dialogue. Is there some configuration setup that I’m overlooking? Anyhow, neat service so best of luck.

What is thechatterbox able to do?
I’m having problem finding it on FB. Is there a page url?

Oh crap, I’ll quickly look at the code and see if I can figure out whats going on there

A warning though
We’re in the process of moving over to a more complete platform so I’ll be shutting down soon, just want to give everyone a few months to move off of it. Developers were asking for a more integrated solution instead of piecemeal solutions. Think Heroku for chatbots.

We’re currently building out now that creates an integrated way to write chatbots in JS including an online IDE, automated testing, infinite-scale bot hosting etc. Let me know if you want to be in on the preview.

Would be great to preview :slight_smile:

Public preview time:

What is it?
Alana is an open-source next-gen JS framework for building chatbots. It’s intent and script based with lots of intents built in, based on our experience building bots for fortune 100 companies. (better blurb on the site) is a platform built around the alana framework that makes writing and hosting alana bots easier.
You’ll always be able to migrate back-and-forth, there’s no lock in here, host where ever you want.

We love our online IDE. It’s got integrated code completion, documentation pane, first-class testing, testing and logging built in to, and more goodies.

Even better we love to host bots! Our cloud infrastructure is built to host bots that respond almost instantly (we’re clocking 100-200ms at our 95th percentile, with 500ms for 99th percentile).

Check out and to sweeten the deal, we’re offering 6 months of our startup tier for FREE to anyone who signs up in the next 2 weeks.

We’re looking for rockstar partners to help show off alana, so expect as help as you want building a bot.