European chatbots

Most of the bots I’ve come across so far are US-based or at least founded in the US. Interested to learn more about European chatbots - post yours or any you’ve come across below!

Well my bot was created in Europe (Republic of Moldova) but I don’t know if it’s “European” in any way.

hey I come across to this commerce chatbot

My company built “Edward”, Radisson Blu Edwardian’s hotel guest chatbot. Just google “radisson blu edwardian chatbot” for lots of coverage.

We’ve built several bots at CartSkill by utilizing deep learning based text and image analysis. Women’s online fashion store and to trigger the store type: /shopmonton
Also for browsing and purchasing cars

Austrian Airlines launched a FB bot fully overtaking its Messenger customer service just 1,5 weeks ago

My bot Florence ( is also created and hosted in Europe. I’m from Germany. Visit my homepage for more information:

thanks for sharing, i like the idea of switching between bot and people

I think for customer support it is crucial. AI is good but not there yet. Additionally you avoid the situation where technology is seens as threat for human jobs. Although bot may take over more and more customer interaction, human empathy (if helpful in the conversation) is creating intimacy

We’ve built Sure ( between Copenhagen and London.

There are tonnes of interesting ones coming from Vienna, especially from the Lemmings accelerator -

I’m from Finland, so my hobby project bot, Nitbit, is naturally also from Finland.

However, I’ve developed it to be used in English, because that’s the language I almost use more and it is more universal.

Used the KLM bot a couple of weeks ago, had a nice experience:

Zaask use a bot too, in multiple languages.

The florence bot is quite impressive. Very good job! Are you planning to have it also in other languages? Do you do all for free or are you planning to introduce cost for your chatbot?
Congrats again.

Hi. Thanks. The next language I will implement is German, but it will take a while because I have so many new features I like to add/test before I start implementing new languages.
Currently, everything is free for everyone (except for me ;-)). I have some ideas to work together with doctors and let them pay for the service, but it’s still too early to talk about the details. I just don’t like the idea of medical information and advertisement. I think it is weird to get headache pills recommended after a symptom check.

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Thank for your reply. I ave a last question if you can: which natural language processing platform did you use? Best, Massimo

Hi. That’s an interesting question: At the moment, I am using with activated spell checking, but I am thinking about testing other services or even