Edubots - Virtual Teaching Assistants / Personal Learning Assistants

Can bot’s bring personalisation to learning? Can they encourage self-directed learning or life-long learning?
Share you thoughts and example bots.

I have been working on a hybrid bot for education using Twitter Direct Messaging. A learner is able to;

!lookup - Define an English word or abbreviation, Profile country, Profile famous person
e.g !lookup car !lookup zambia !lookup obama

!review - Review a book title
e.g !lookup animal farm

!learn - Receive a link to an BBC Skillswise essential skills course

To engage bot, send direct message text, !start or !help to @arnoldfungai

Hi @arnold-fungai,

My name is Julian and we are working on this topic right now with our Ainstein an AI learning assistant, which is in private beta right now:

Ainstein is a personalised learning assistant that learns from your expirience and help you learn smarter. It knows how much time you spend on learning and adjust, so you can learn more efficiently.

Moreover, Ainstein, know what is the best way to learn, how much time is the best for you to spend on learning and what online courses are the best.

We do believe that this is a time when everyone can have a smart friend, like Albert Einstein :slight_smile: sitting over there - directly in your pocket that you can always ping when you want to learn a new technologies/subjects. It will help you to learn smart and motivate you to do it constantly.

We have been partnered with and Treehouse and working together on making Ainstein - your best smart buddy :wink:

If you want to participate in private beta, please ping Ainstein here

Nice work @julian.ustiyanovych on Ainstein – great idea! We’ve been busy on something similar at - more on the demand side with an NLP api we’ll open up towards the end of the year to work with learning-focused intents.

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Thank you very much @niraj, I really appritiate such words.

I forgot to add that we have been also partnered with and Treehouse (talking to Udacity) and working together on making Ainstein - your best smart buddy :wink:

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Hi! Bots as learning assistants is something that is close to my heart. It’s an idea that I’ve given a lot of thought to and wish to create such a bot, for my own use.

I actually wrote an article about this exact topic for Chatbots Magazine. You can read it here:

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