Does the future belong to AI?

Hi there!

I want today to discuss the topic of artificial intelligence. What do you think? Will AI eventually manage the world?

It would be great to hear everyone’s opinion :slight_smile:

I believe that in the future artificial intelligence (as in Machine Learning and sometimes Natural Language Processing) will be a part of pretty much everything.

Not just customer support and finances, but education, cooking, and entertainment. We are already seeing it in video games, recommendation engines, and search engines. It’s just going to continue to get better and more widespread.

In reality artificial intelligence is also quite difficult to define. For example, if you took an iPhone back in time to 50 years ago people would think that your phone represented true artificial intelligence. It seems we never really consider what we have today true artificial intelligence, we almost always see it as the next evolutionary step in the technology.


I agree with @matt

the way we use computers will change a lot. Computers will be a part of our everyday life, everywhere (even more than now), will not be limited to a single device and will step back into the background. Like we see it with voice assistants at the moment (omnipresent, wants to be invisible in your home).
AI is one of the critical parts here. AI enables computers to understand the users better (natural language, speech recognition) and get relevant data to fulfill tasks. The function of computers will be to assist humans better, get things done and show the right information in the right moment. AI also enables a personalisation we have never seen before.

Everyone of us produces so much data each day and it will increase when we use more IoT devices and the digital revolution continues into all areas of life. AI can process these huge amount of data and make them usable to humans.

And when we think about the (annoying & repetitive) tasks computers can perform for us, AI gets even more interesting. In best case AI will do everything that the world ‘keeps spinning’ (agriculture, transportation, cleaning of town, bureaucracy,…) and humans can focus on what they really want to do.

With the amount of personal data available in the various social platforms about people and with serious technology advancements in data analytics and AI technologies, the future does belong to AI and machine learning. Even today the social platforms know more about individuals than the individuals themselves. It is really shocking to see our own profiling by the social media platforms based on simply our browsing history and buying habits.

I remember once I deleted all of my Google history and disabled collection of my browsing history. It was the most painful browsing experience ever. Within 10 minutes I had enable browsing history. We are so used to being spoonfed online that going back to stone-age Internet is not practical. We can only move forward using AI and machine learning.