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Do you use Microsoft bot framework?

Has anyone any experience of using the Microsoft bot framework in conjunction with LUIS? I am leaning heavily towards this to run our chat bot for our Customer Services interactions. We use MS dynamics and utilise the ADX Portals for our CMS inc knowledge base. The idea is to perform simple information look ups to the KB and use the form flow in the SDK to perform simple customer queries and processes that are built in Dynamics.

If anyone has done anything similar would be great to hear from you.

I have worked in Microsoft Bot Framework but I have no experience in Dynamics.

@adspiercy I am using Microsoft Bot Framework but i have never used MS Dynamics and i’m only hearing of ADX portals now

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@adspiercy I’m using the Microsoft Bot Framework to build After reviewing a number of frameworks in July I picked Microsoft for a few reasons:

  1. conversation structures like waterfall dialogues seemed well defined
  2. the bot session from Build 2016 was a good intro
  3. there were a number of guides to help me get started

One thing worth noting (if you’re bot will be using Slack) is that they were using BotKit but deprecated it with V3. This means that things like the Slack Events API aren’t exposed via Bot Framework yet. However, the MS team is quite responsive to GitHub issues and that’s in the works.


we use Microsoft Bot Framework but don’t work with Luis

How can we help you ?

Yes, I am working on Microsoft Bot framework - Node.js for B2B E-commerce
I just started on it and is quite good framework. I was looking for bot framework, but did not find any good one except MS’s.

One great thing about MS Bot framework is that they did not mention any Pricing for framework, but i am not sure, will they charge for it in future.

LUIS is really good cognitive services of MS and is much easier to use in application. Go through their documentation.
Visit this, this might help you
And i don’t have idea of ADX and CMS

I work at Microsoft focussed on bots. I believe we have done some work around CRM and bots and may be able to connect you with someone to advise. Have also got good experience with LUIS. Feel free to message me

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we have several bots developed on top of Microsoft’s bot framework

Excellent thanks Simon. We are working with Microsoft currently on CRM implementation so it would be great to catch up about this.

When I’m back in the office on Monday i’ll drop you an email.

Hey Simon
Just starting to use luis but can you spice it up with img or cards like with

And any ckue to how i can use Dutch for my first attempt?

Much obliged!