Do you prefer a pure automated bot or a hybrid bot

I have read lots of articles about using bots as customer representatives. Do you think it’s better to create a fully automated bot or a hybrid bot which mixes the AI with human representative?

I think it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If your service requires a real person to complete certain actions it absolutely makes sense to take a hybrid approach. Combining real people with the chatbot would likely allow the service to scale better and reach more people (which is a great use case of a chatbot).

Are there hybrid experiences you’ve run into that you don’t think make sense?


I prefer a hybrid bot a lot, especially for consumer level service.

I can’t think of a case where a pure automated bot would perform better than a hybrid bot, given where tech is today. The only reason to go down the pure automated bot is cost- extremely expensive to use human labor (just look at vs.



You must always provide a fallback

It depends on the bot. If it’s purely transactional, such as a scheduling / calendar bot, then you don’t need a human, just a narrow scope of functions for the bot focused on the tasks it was designed to perform. If you’re building a consumer oriented bot such as a conversational commerce experience, then you absolutely should use a human + bot. Your goal is to convert purchases, and if any response to input can’t be provided by the bot, you risk losing the user and a sale. At the very least you’re not providing customer service via messaging, just a shopping app through a conversation.

to me you could even look at the question from a technical perspective. (with disregard to real scalability that is in my opinion only archivable via a mainly AI platform)
The more additional information you need to answer a customer request the more automation is needed. Within a sms based venture we made the experience that vice versa to email customers do expect an appropriate response after a short time. If you need extensive web research to provide such info. A human response is too slow.
Additionally don’t forget the factor of humans being biased. Training of agents to answer requests is a good quality is not something you just need todo. Just image the experience you probably have had when calling a service center of a telco for technical help…

A fully automated customer service bot sounds like nirvana. The decision making is very simple… if you are sure that your bot can always understand the customer’s issues then go with the fully automated bot otherwise you need an out to connect with humans.

I can’t agree more for hybrid bot. People always give unexpected answers… Not to mention, some don’t even prefer talking to a bot. Having a fully automated service seems like listening through all the options in call tree when you call the banks. In short, very painful
A hybrid experience is crucial to provide good customer support. Of course, we would love to optimize as much as possible for customer service, but there are things that we cannot program for…