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Design your Facebook Bot conversations

(Obaid Ahmed) #1

We are working on building a tool that allows you to create interactive conversation mocks that you can export to video or gif. We built this while working on a few client bots. It is a great way to visualize the conversations and test them out before spending them building the whole feature.

We are putting some final touches to the tool but please do let us know if you have any ideas on how can this help you built / design your bots.


(Savanna Kreykes) #2

Would like to try it…

(indrek.vainu) #3

This can be useful for drawing concepts, nice work!

(spynemoran) #4

49$ a month is incredibly steep for a tool that only mocks fb bots and generates gifs and videos. You may want to rethink your pricing model.

(Obaid Ahmed) #5

Thanks everyone. You can signup for the invite on the site, we are working very hard to get this released to as many people as possible.

@spynemoran, we are reworking our pricing strategy and will update the site accordingly.

(Iuri Genovesi) #6

Hey Bro, would like to try this one also. Share an invite when you can :slight_smile:

(Clóves Cardoso) #7

Nice. But I would like to see something more focused on the conversation’s flow, like a diagram, you know? That way could be possible to mock and visualize where the bot will take the user and we could analyze the entire experience.

Anyway, I will try it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Cameron Jenkinson) #8

Agree here - way too expensive but it does look great, I’ve been looking at using MindNode for this purpose

(Obaid Ahmed) #9

We are working on a better pricing model. We are hoping to launch with improved UX and pricing in the new year.

Happy holidays everyone.

(Obaid Ahmed) #10

We hear you! This is in the works. Our goal is to provide the tools to designers to create a visual layout for the conversation as well as be able to map the conversation like a diagram.

(Obaid Ahmed) #11

@everyone we have officially launched to public and would love to get your feedback on the tool. Signup at

(Joseph Burchett) #12

I don’t think I would ever pay a subscription fee for a prototyping tool. Especially if I was an independent developer and not apart of a big company. Considering there are already so many chatbot development platforms that offer similar tooling. is my favorite prototyping tool and I love their pricing models.

Pay a flat fee for the desktop version or a subscription fee for the web version. A lot of companies giving the option now. Flat yearly or one time fee or a cheap monthly fee. You may want to look into how others are doing it.

Not downing your product, think it’s awesome :slight_smile: Just offering my two cents.

(Obaid Ahmed) #13

Thanks for the feedback @jburchett. We do offer a $5/month plan that is ideal for solo designers, it comes out to be $60/year and we believe that our product will add way more value to their day-to-day work. :slight_smile:

(Iuri Genovesi) #14

Hey Obaid,

Your platform looks nice and we’ll definitely give it a try. My suggestion to you is to leave a 1 mock option free for life and add extra mocks, support and different tools for paying subscribers only. If your goal is to make the platform popular, I don’t believe your 15 day free trial will do the trick. We’re talking about a niche market with lot’s of free tools out there, you should let people use it, evangelize the community about it and then consider it’s worth a subscription.

Just my two cents, but being a business person myself I know that it’s not always easy and affordable to offer free service that has costs.


(Obaid Ahmed) #15

Hi Luri,

Thanks for your feedback. We are definitely looking on improving the pricing plans to address those issues.