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Customize / Get rid of Messenger Bot "Get Started" text


I just set up get started button and when I click it, “Get Started” text automatically appears in conversation thread, coming out of nowhere.
Is there any way how to customize this message or simply turn it off, cause I don’t seem to find it.


I don’t get what you mean?

There is nothing to get I made a mistake and removed my post because you already posted a link to it. Not sure how to fix your problem, sorry :frowning: Hopefully someone else does.


With the get started button, you can’t change the text “Get Started”, you can only set the text/menu that appears when the user clicks it or remove the get started altogether.

In our case we use it, when the user clicks get started we send a message and a few buttons, a little something like this:

Hello I’m blahblah Bot, here are some of the thing I can help you with:

  • button 1
  • button 2
  • button 3

hope that helps.

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It would be cool in the future if Facebook let us customize what that text says.