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Conversational forms

What do people think of the new conversational forms released by Typeforms about 2 days ago:

Could you use it as a bot builder? Either specific use cases where you just need to gather specific data (eg for an order) or maybe rapid prototypes.


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Hey Vik,

funny coincidence, just this morning I read an older post about simple chatbots being pretty much web forms: And this Open Source project seems pretty close to what Typeform is doing:

I think the web form approach is a good strategy for developing and selling simple chatbots. They do what webforms do: search for something. Save something. Provide feedback on something. Get in touch with some company or person. Request something.

And they probably do it better than traditional webforms and maybe as good as the really cool interface offered by Typeform.

So especially in customer service, I see use cases: e.g. change a user’s profile data, ask structured questions to file a ticket, help a user navigate an FAQ database more conveniently. Probably also in retail, but I have no experience in this area.


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I agree with your use cases, I could see my wife using a service like Typeform for her business as she has to gather information to make a customized product and needs to know what colours etc.

I saw Typeform talking about this last night and another use case during Q&A was it could be used for user preferences as you can use webhooks.

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