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Conversation UI platforms

Which platform is better for enterprise - Microsoft CAAP or IBM WATSON or KORE or something else?

It really depends on what your bot needs, you should look at that first then see which one of those platforms satisfies those needs the best.

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Echoing the above, it all really requires on what your bot needs to be able to and needs of users. Without treading into the bias associated with my work (IBM Watson :nerd_face:) currently the landscape is being shaped by the work of Watson and Microsoft. What sort of things are you looking to achieve?

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My requirement is related with Consumer Banking - offer all transactions available on the net banking platform as a conversation

Seems like IBM Watson may be exactly what you need unlike a lot of the other platforms out there seems Watsons focus is on enterpise vs consumer. @reece.medway seems to work on IBM Watson so he seems like the perfect person to ask :smiley:

Thank @jburchett.
Just wanted to check if there is some comparison on the product offerings

It seems to me that a lot of vendors has a UI for capturing intents, and open source tools with about the same capabilities, however, most appear to leave a lot of complexities in crafting conversations as an implementation task.

There are lots of options, and most of the solutions seem very immature.

I find the approach to a conversation as interesting because it´s the closest I´ve seen to divide responsibility for software engineering and softer customer care skills in a sensible way. I feel that for any implementation to work for my organization at least, I need to have the frontline workers with a high sense of customer needs and strong conversational skills to tune it on a daily basis.

Totally agree with you @tovare … it all depends on the bunch of users who visit your Bot that shapes the conversational skills of the Bot … until and unless you are trying to be Alexa or Siri our experience has been to limit the scope of conversation in the Bot to the problem you are trying to solve and keep it focused. Since we design the Bot for specific type of audiences who are interested in the Bot service being delivered then they are the interested users who wouldn’t waste time asking for weather information from the Bot.